niedziela, 11 marca 2012

illness power

so, i was sick all week long. i spent 8 days in bed, but i wasn't alone at all. my friends were:

  • sewing machine (i've done 2 skirts and one OP, and redid pants- i think now they look like Sherlock's ones when he was little boy)

  • needles

>yep, i know, it's ugly, but i was so bored<

  • bracelets (i've done about 7 of this)

rainbow power ~

  • books- both borrowed from wonderful Miravell, who visited me almost every day <3

  • The Beatles' CDs (esp Rubber Soul, White album cd.1 and Magical Mystery Tour), 
  • tumblr of course,
  •  tv- i've finally watched Sherlock Holmes >it was amazing *-*< , 2 eps of Superntural (well, after dream about Destiel i MUST watch it), and some shows from fashion weeks
 Dolce & Gabbana 's men collection was amazing, and they had so cute models <3

 Corie Nelson's collection was gorgeus too *-* 
clothes were amazing, but the best part was this make up, which was "joining" face and hair.
 such a beautiful idea.

  • socks with reindeneers,
  •  pajamas with donkeys pattern,
  •  oversized sweaters,
  •  and thousand cups of tea (mangoxstrawberry, and green <3)

so, even when i'm sick i can't just lay in bed and do nothing ~
and my mother thinks i'm lazy xd"