piątek, 11 stycznia 2013

1 Piece 4 Seasons

Hello everybody! 
This is my first Lolita Blog Carnival post <3
All ideas in this group seems so fun that i think i'll do this a lot!

So this week's theme was "1 piece, 4 seasons"
I choose my blue JSK as "1 piece" n___n

and here are 4 outfits with it: 

1. spring

I think shirt with short sleeves is the best for this season n.n

2. summer

Not really much lolita, but wearing shirt in hot weather is not really enjoyable > < 

3. autumn

A cozy cutsew underneath is perfect ♥

4. winter

Of course, anybody would go anywhere in winter without cute coat n.n

I like the summer one the most ♥
And you? :3

this week's participants:

~ shizu