wtorek, 24 lipca 2012

Angry Birds & Slytherin Pride

heeeello everybody ~

just quick outfit for meet up with L and Julia.

L gave me a pen with Angry Birds, so cute <3
i'll show you later n.n

also, i'm leaving. again.
this time i'm going to camp with Mummy and Annu
i miss them both so much ;^;
so i won't be posting anything till 5th August.
but i promise to show you everything later n.n
more lolita outfits this time :3

see you soon ♥
Starkid out ~!

poniedziałek, 23 lipca 2012

Arashi no ouji & new hair

top: H&M
shorts: >customized by me<
tights: offbrand
shoes: Daichmann >customized by me<
bag: House
sweater: H&M

hai hai ~!
today i meet Nika and she dyed my hair ♥
it looks so so prettyyyy <33

and i've made this today :3

such a creative day ~

Starkid out~!

sobota, 21 lipca 2012

She said

just babysitting my little brother today ~
annd i watched Kamikaze Girls
for sixth time.
i'll never get enough of this movie, it's so beautiful and dklfgsklgsklgklfg.
i love it so much.

my outfit :3

sweater: House
dress: >  it was actually skirt, but i like to wear it this way :3  < offbrand
tights: offbrand
socks: H&M
shoes: CCC
belt: H&M

also, i've tried to do a fairy-kei outfit yesterday
any concrit? please n.n

accesories n.n
i think it turned out really cute ♥

so let me know what you think :3

Starkid out ~!

piątek, 20 lipca 2012

Une belle histoire

hello everyone ~!

today i spent all day at home >again xd i'm so antisocial< annd i tidied my closet n.n
annd i realized that i have so many things i don't wear ~
so i decided to sell some stuff
just leave a comment if you want to buy something n.n
i'll add prices later .o.

and my outfit ~!

sweater: F+F
top: KappAhl
tights: Cubus
socks: >a gift<

awhh my Lazy Socks with reindeneers ♥
they are so comfy ~!

and yes, today i felt like curly my hair, so i did it :3
here is better pic n.n

i made a derp face xd"

Starkid out ~! ♥

czwartek, 19 lipca 2012

last day of sewing YESS
unfortunately i didn't take pictures, so i'll show you when somebody take them at con n.n

annd my outfit ~

dress: handmade
top: KappAhl
tights: Calzedonia
ankle socks: H&M
shoes: CCC

and look~! i've found my handmade hat ♥

sorry for the blurry photo >.< and my messy hair, oh my ~

now i don't know what to do with my life D: 

Starkid out ~!

środa, 18 lipca 2012

week in Turkey ~

hello internet ~!
it's been a loong time.
i hope you were more productive than me xd"
i actually spent all week long at the beach/near the pool reading LoTR, making bracelets and listening to music.
it was LITERALLY all i've been doing.

these are bracelets i made n.n

annd, as i promised, my outfits n.n
*  actually most of this are a lie, it was too hot to wearing something more than swimsuit and shorts during the day : o  *

t-shirt: Reserved
shorts: Stradivarius
necklace: C&A

t-shirt: H&M >customized by me<
bag: probably H&M
shorts: Stradivarius
necklace: C&A and Glitter

*derply tried some fairy-kei*

rose: H&M
candy: handmade
necklaces: Glitter, Camaieu and C&A
t-shirt: H&M >customized by me<
shorts: Cubus
badge: empik
bracelets: handmade

shirt: H&M
shorts: Camaieu
rose: H&M
necklaces: Glitter, C&A and Camaieu

dress: H&M
necklace: C&A

welp, i think it's everything.
this week really wasn't this much exciting to tell something more.

maybe one thing was really amazing, and it happened yesterday but not in Turkey nor in Poland,
just Starkid annoucemented that they are going to do A Very Potter Senior Year ♥
yayayayayayayayyyy <333
i'm really happy, because i thought they wouldn't like to do it anymore.
i can't wait to see it ♥
so sad i can't be at LeakyCon to see it live :c

Starkid out~!

wtorek, 10 lipca 2012

octopus's garden and holiday plans

hello everybody ~
today i went to the doctor, shopping >again xd< and met with Miravell to say goodbye.

dress: H&M
hat: Tally Weijl
shoes: Daichmann
bag: Reserved

annd stuff i bought :3

i really like colour of this ones c:

and this ones are for dying :3

another lilac thing c:

ankle socks <3 i've been searching these so long ~

this one is really cute ♥
i need more things with stars, because they reminds me that i am a Starkid :3

 some beauty stuff ~
and yes, i'll dye my hair.
i want to have 1/4 of all hair in blonde colour c:
and maybe >if my mother allow me< i'll do 1/2 of all ~
it'd be great ♥

annd new calendar for another school year >smirk<

i also bought random white t-shirt, but i wrote on it "I solemny swear that i am up to no good"
i think it'll be my new favourite tee ♥

and speaking of goodbyes - i'm going with my family to Turkey for week tomorrow.
i think i need this week off.
i need a small break from always the same places, the same people, the same stuff we do and from internet.
i'll just go and hang with myself near pool/sea, with music and book, maybe some bracelets, but that's all.
i won't do anything more than that.
i need to take a break from living.

and i'm not taking my computer with me > it'd be impossible, because i don't have laptop D: <, soo outfits from this week will be in one post when i'll be back:3

well, i hope you'll enjoy week without me n.n
Starkid out~!

poniedziałek, 9 lipca 2012

hide and seek

hello ~

today i went shopping with Tsuki

dress: Orsay
bag: Reserved
shoes: Daichmann

we bought some more materials for her dress, and a cute offbrand skirt n.n

unfortunatelly it's too small for me ;A;
but i'll figure something out n.n

and also- a dress i've made today :3
it's almost finished ~

so, i'll leave you now with really cute song :3

enjoy ♥
Starkid out ~

niedziela, 8 lipca 2012

no accesories, no shoes and almost no make up
for another sewing day

blouse: KappAhl
skirt: H&M

dress looks like this right now:

and here is back: 

there is still a lot of work to do x-x

Starkid out ~!

sobota, 7 lipca 2012

birthday concert ~!

good evening lovely people :3

today i attended my friend's birthday and a little of reggae concerts 
which were at the beach near the place we were :3
also i took a part in photo session for commercials for our local convention n.n
i went in japanese school uniform, so when i'll get some photos i'll show you them :3

annd here is what i wore:

shirt: Reserved
shorts: H&M
shoes: Daichmann
bag: Reserved
necklace: Glitter

and look ♥ a cake we baked for Juls :3
we were going with it through like almost all town long, people were staring at us n.n""

happy bifday to all of you who celebrate it today n.n
Starkid out ~!

sewing time

hello everybody n.n

from yesteday, kind of lolita-ish one ~
just met with friends and visited hairdresser.

blouse: KappAhl
skirt: offbrand (gift from friend c:)
shoes: Bodyline
bag: offbrand
necklace: Glitter
rose: handmade
and look ~! Miravell gave me this charm ♥

it's really cute <3

today i baked a cake with Miravell for our friend's birthday,
annd then i was >again< sitting all day long at home and sewing n.n"
but hey, look how much i've done :3

i'm really proud of it :3

anyway, that's everything for today n.n
Starkid out ~!

wtorek, 3 lipca 2012

outfit no.4

good morning n.n
today casual outfit for meet up with friend to do some materials research ~
we are going to sew Ciel Phantomhive's dress for her, yay :3

blouse: Cubus
shorts: H&M
bag: Reserved
shoes: Deichmann >customized by me<

it was like the second time in this year i wasn't wearing tights .O.
so weird feeling ~  :o

Starkid out ~!
mademoiselle Shiz

outfit no.3

hello n.n
yesterday's outfit, for shopping with my mother and meeting my friends :3

shirt: gift from my grandma
skirt: H&M
belt: H&M
tights: Calzedonia
necklace and earings: Restyle
shoes: Bodyline
bag: offbrand

i've bought a lot of cute stuff <3
i actually tried to fins something more fairy kei to my closet, but i failed :c
there is actually almost nothing cute and sweet in shops D:
but anyway, here are photos :3

"The clockwork prince" by Cassandra Clare

some beauty stuff ~

earings from KappAhl, so cute <3

tights from Vessa :3 the sec ones are pink actually

some socks and hair accesory from H&M

swimsuit :3 i really like the top of this one ~

shirt :3 this one is almost the same as Joey Graceffa's shirt ♥
Graceffian pride lol >yes i'm this much fangirling<

flip floooops <3

and new earphones :3

it's everything for today   ~
thanks for watching n.n

Starkid out ~!
mademoiselle Shiz

niedziela, 1 lipca 2012

holiday outfits

hello everyone ~
it's been a long time since i've posted anything here. But now, i left my photoblog, so it means i'll post more stuff here n.n
Also, i decided to share my outfits with you guys every day during this holidays, so i hope you'll enjoy it n.n

so' this is my outfit from yesterday, sort of otome-mori? i like it anyway. it was an outfit for visiting my grandparents.

dress: H&M
cardigan: House
tights: Calzedonia
lace: handmade
shoes: CCC
bag: Reserved

Starkid out~
mademoiselle Shiz