sobota, 7 lipca 2012

sewing time

hello everybody n.n

from yesteday, kind of lolita-ish one ~
just met with friends and visited hairdresser.

blouse: KappAhl
skirt: offbrand (gift from friend c:)
shoes: Bodyline
bag: offbrand
necklace: Glitter
rose: handmade
and look ~! Miravell gave me this charm ♥

it's really cute <3

today i baked a cake with Miravell for our friend's birthday,
annd then i was >again< sitting all day long at home and sewing n.n"
but hey, look how much i've done :3

i'm really proud of it :3

anyway, that's everything for today n.n
Starkid out ~!

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