wtorek, 10 lipca 2012

octopus's garden and holiday plans

hello everybody ~
today i went to the doctor, shopping >again xd< and met with Miravell to say goodbye.

dress: H&M
hat: Tally Weijl
shoes: Daichmann
bag: Reserved

annd stuff i bought :3

i really like colour of this ones c:

and this ones are for dying :3

another lilac thing c:

ankle socks <3 i've been searching these so long ~

this one is really cute ♥
i need more things with stars, because they reminds me that i am a Starkid :3

 some beauty stuff ~
and yes, i'll dye my hair.
i want to have 1/4 of all hair in blonde colour c:
and maybe >if my mother allow me< i'll do 1/2 of all ~
it'd be great ♥

annd new calendar for another school year >smirk<

i also bought random white t-shirt, but i wrote on it "I solemny swear that i am up to no good"
i think it'll be my new favourite tee ♥

and speaking of goodbyes - i'm going with my family to Turkey for week tomorrow.
i think i need this week off.
i need a small break from always the same places, the same people, the same stuff we do and from internet.
i'll just go and hang with myself near pool/sea, with music and book, maybe some bracelets, but that's all.
i won't do anything more than that.
i need to take a break from living.

and i'm not taking my computer with me > it'd be impossible, because i don't have laptop D: <, soo outfits from this week will be in one post when i'll be back:3

well, i hope you'll enjoy week without me n.n
Starkid out~!

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