poniedziałek, 27 lutego 2012

trip to Łódź

well, last Saturday me, Miravell and Pat have been to lolita meeting in Łódź.
we've met Seba and she showed us how to get to "Dekadencja"
it was second time I've been there, this is such a wonderful place *-*
anyway, we've met Boromirka, Emily, Johanna, Ukashii and Zusanna there.
oh, and Mia also ~
I haven't knew Zusanna and Ukashii before, but it was really nice to meet them.
they all are so nice people <3

anyway, to photooos ~

with Seba:

with Zusanna:

Boromirka's skirt, amazing *-*

and one with Mia:

aww, my shoes, my babies <3

outfit rundown:
dress: Sai Sai (Red Queen's Black Lagoons)
shirt: gift from friend
tights: Calzedonia
shoes: Bodyline
headbow: Sai Sai (Red Queen's Black Lagoons)
wig: ebay

it was really, really nice to meet all this lolitas, 
and to realize they recognize me
(it was my second meet xd")

I want to go there again *-*
well, maybe in May, maybe sooner, who knows ~

mademoiselle Shiz

sobota, 11 lutego 2012

Marie Antoinette

so, i've watched "Marie Antoinette" today

so much beautiful food *-*
also, her dresses, somebody who has done costumes made such amazing work.
Petit Trianon was beautiful too <3

and actress who played Madame Polignac - i think- was so, so.. uh, i don't know.
she suited to character so much <3
oh, and also - actor who played Fersen *q*
ugh, in the film they were lovers and i don't like it at all.
when i was reading biography, it said that probably they could be lovers.
but whatever, this actor is amazing <3

i probably will watch it again after some months <3
it's such an inspiration to sew some victorian things ~

piątek, 10 lutego 2012

random stuff

i should post something there.
ugh, my life is so boooring
so maybe just some stuff i'm working on at this moment

so, first one- bracelets. i really get into this this week xd

second one - finally started making stuff for convention

also, i've started new dress- actually i just want to try new pattern without wasting good materials xd"
but when i started to sew i thought it don't look this bad, so maybe i'll wear it to school or something
awgh, i'm worrying about peter pan collar part .o.
i haven't done collars before so D:
i'm not good at trying new things xd""
but it is the best way to learn soo ~

anyway, i'm going to watch "Breakfast at Tiffany's" >yes because of Miravell xoxo<
and do another rainbow bracelet <3

Starkid out!
Little Shiz <3