piątek, 10 lutego 2012

random stuff

i should post something there.
ugh, my life is so boooring
so maybe just some stuff i'm working on at this moment

so, first one- bracelets. i really get into this this week xd

second one - finally started making stuff for convention

also, i've started new dress- actually i just want to try new pattern without wasting good materials xd"
but when i started to sew i thought it don't look this bad, so maybe i'll wear it to school or something
awgh, i'm worrying about peter pan collar part .o.
i haven't done collars before so D:
i'm not good at trying new things xd""
but it is the best way to learn soo ~

anyway, i'm going to watch "Breakfast at Tiffany's" >yes because of Miravell xoxo<
and do another rainbow bracelet <3

Starkid out!
Little Shiz <3

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