piątek, 24 maja 2013

lolita wardrobe part 1

hello ~
recently my i've bought some lolita clothes, so i decided to make a wardrobe post n.n

first part will be with skirts :3

(i actually have one more, but i can't find it anywhere, so yeah)

Okay, first four ones are handmade, so they aren't actually this much amazing, the pink one with the dots is from secondhand shop (it looks like real lolita skirt, and is a proof that you can find amazing things in secondhand stores).
Yes, i have bought my dream print, and even though it's replica (i'm sorry, don't kill me ;-;) it's pure perfection and i just want to sit all day long and stare at it.
I'm really happy with this purchase and i hope i'll be able to get some more things from my wishlist soon n__n

anyway that's all for today, take care ♥

~ shizu

piątek, 10 maja 2013

lolita in Netherlands part 1

here, have some scenery porn from beautiful Holland ♥

 miniature park in Madurodam; it was absolutely amazing

SEA LIFE in Scheveningen

jellyfish <3 i had an opputunity to see them for the first time in my life and oh deer, now i am even more in love with these little creatures than i was before. i was staring at them for like 10 minutes and i could do that all day long, they are just the best things ever.

they had otters too!

theme park Efteling

also the best restaurant ever <3 

to be continued c:

~ shizu