piątek, 20 lipca 2012

Une belle histoire

hello everyone ~!

today i spent all day at home >again xd i'm so antisocial< annd i tidied my closet n.n
annd i realized that i have so many things i don't wear ~
so i decided to sell some stuff
just leave a comment if you want to buy something n.n
i'll add prices later .o.

and my outfit ~!

sweater: F+F
top: KappAhl
tights: Cubus
socks: >a gift<

awhh my Lazy Socks with reindeneers ♥
they are so comfy ~!

and yes, today i felt like curly my hair, so i did it :3
here is better pic n.n

i made a derp face xd"

Starkid out ~! ♥

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