środa, 18 lipca 2012

week in Turkey ~

hello internet ~!
it's been a loong time.
i hope you were more productive than me xd"
i actually spent all week long at the beach/near the pool reading LoTR, making bracelets and listening to music.
it was LITERALLY all i've been doing.

these are bracelets i made n.n

annd, as i promised, my outfits n.n
*  actually most of this are a lie, it was too hot to wearing something more than swimsuit and shorts during the day : o  *

t-shirt: Reserved
shorts: Stradivarius
necklace: C&A

t-shirt: H&M >customized by me<
bag: probably H&M
shorts: Stradivarius
necklace: C&A and Glitter

*derply tried some fairy-kei*

rose: H&M
candy: handmade
necklaces: Glitter, Camaieu and C&A
t-shirt: H&M >customized by me<
shorts: Cubus
badge: empik
bracelets: handmade

shirt: H&M
shorts: Camaieu
rose: H&M
necklaces: Glitter, C&A and Camaieu

dress: H&M
necklace: C&A

welp, i think it's everything.
this week really wasn't this much exciting to tell something more.

maybe one thing was really amazing, and it happened yesterday but not in Turkey nor in Poland,
just Starkid annoucemented that they are going to do A Very Potter Senior Year ♥
yayayayayayayayyyy <333
i'm really happy, because i thought they wouldn't like to do it anymore.
i can't wait to see it ♥
so sad i can't be at LeakyCon to see it live :c

Starkid out~!

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