niedziela, 2 września 2012

Lord of The Rings in 99 seconds

yes, i finally finished LoTR.
and asdfghjklasdfghjklasdfghjkl, this is such an amazing book, 
i absolutely love this story. ♥
and now i understand all this people who regreted that Starkids haven't uploaded LoTR musical to youtube and i feel like regreting it tho ; A ;
and because before reading it i didn't want to listen to LoTR in 99 secs, because of spoilers, 
i've listened to it today for first time and ohmahgod, so good *q*
Jon's voice is soooo good right now ♥

anyway ~ my coord for today ~

i don't know why blogspot turn my photos ugh it's so annoying =3=

sweater: H&M
shorts: Cubus
tights: H&M
necklace: C&A

today is the last day of holidays, what means it's the last day of my challenge c:
i'll try to post some of my outfits here anyway, but because i can't wear lolita to school, and i actually don't know if i can wear fairy kei, it'll be less outfits ~
but i think that every Saturday/Sunday i'll post some at least :3

so take care of yourself everyone, i hope  it'll be another great year in school for you too n.n
Starkid out ~

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  1. Zapraszam także na mojego bloga. :)