poniedziałek, 31 grudnia 2012

hey, hey, it's been crazy time lately ~

Christmas stuff, then my birthday and somehow it happened that i haven't posted here for a while again.
But i enjoyed all of these events, i've had a really good time and hope y'all had the same n.n

I have just one outfit this time. I realized that lately i hardly ever wear lolita, but i hope it'll change soon.
Anyway, this one is from Christmas Eve ~

skirt: handmade
tights & socks: H&M
shawl: offbrand
shirt: H&M
necklace: C&A
flower crown: handmade

I wasn't wearing lolita at my birthday on purpouse, because to make it special i wore pants, which i hardly ever wear. But it was funny, i spent some time with my friends, i really enjoyed it.
They are so amazing, i've got such amazing presents from them <3
L gave me an unicorn and these fabulous star jellies, perfect *^*

these one i've got in package from Mum <3 look it's me, and i've got a crown ~!
because i'm a princess, that's obvious ~

and this is present from my parents C:
i've called her Lizzy and i'm really happy to have my own mannequin at last.
i hope we'll live happily ever after n.n

 and for the end, last picture i've drawn this year.
it's second thing of which i'm kinda proud n.n

so i hope that you all will have a very amazing New Year's Eve, ad of course all next year.
~ shizu 

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