poniedziałek, 22 kwietnia 2013

l'echange scolaire part 2

photo spam from France ♥

Pere Lachaise

Chopin's grave

Paris, beautiful Paris ~

derping on the boat; my bangs refused to cooperate x-x
Eiffle tower ♥
L'Arc de Triomphe with my friend, who made all these pics while i was 'vlogging'
aand that's how all exchange looked like from my point of view
beautiful Auxerre ♥
inside one of the churches
breathtaking ♥
my first ever macaroons ♥ i must admit, they look stunning, but taste horribly
learning how to play golf in french; fun fun fun
soiree on friday evening, good time c:
i belive it's Joigny, but it can be Auxerre as well 
this one is definetely Joigny; really adorable town
tasting some wines c:
~ shizu

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