niedziela, 23 czerwca 2013

recent outfits

A few of the outfits i've been wearing recently ~

close up ♥

(i've finally learned how to do rug curls properly! they are super easy to do, and it's the only method that keeps my hair curly for all day long)

and this oufit i wore to the ballet "Cinderella" in Warsaw's National Theatre.
it was so amazing @v@ these clothes, and scenography, and music, and dance- everything was perfect.
i hope that i'll have opportunity to see another ballet soon!

and the bonus one - my yesterday's diy :3
i've found a photo of a bag with the same sentence and didn't know where to buy it, so i've made my own n__n

well. that's everything for now
take care, lovelies~!
~ shizu

PS. i have a lookbook account, where i post more frequently

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