wtorek, 17 stycznia 2012

trip to Warsaw ~

aww, yesterday was really cute day <3
derping around with Panda and Nana in shopping center, all day all night ~

Panda bought „Alice in Hearts’ Land”

And then we’ve bought strawberry Fanta, small marshmallows and some “pocky”

annnd then Natsu appeared >lol<

>le cunzuraa<

After he left we went to Lola’s cupcakes <3 
I love this little shop, all this cupcakes look so so so cute and asdfshgdhk *-*

Oh, and Panda gave me friendship bracelet, loveloveloveee <3

t-shirt: gift from friend <3
trousers: Stradivarius
tights: Calzedonia
blouse: House
boots: Dr. Martens

and today i went ice skating with Miravell, yumyumyum

i've bought new pair of mp4 stuff ~

and now i have this lazy part of holidays ~

i've started watching "Gosick"
awhh, it's soo pretty, i'm falling in love <3

oh, also- yesterday i've learned how to do stripped bracelet :3

annd today i tried to do chevron one.. but i must practice it ^^""


i don't remember in which shop it was, but asdfghjkl absolutely must have it *-*

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