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Mysterious Ticking Noise. Potterheads' Gathering

bonjour everybody, lovely Draco here c:
sorry i haven't posted it yesterday, i was just so tired that i actually went straight to bed, and today my grandparents visited me and i just haven't time to post it ~

anywai ~!
yesterday was a gathering in Warsaw, which i attended with Miravell ♥

i woke up at 4.30, so i had like 2 hours of sleep _o_
at 6.34 we catched a bus to Warsaw, annd we were there like at 8.20 ~
but then, when we tried to go to the place, we got lost >.<
so we were a bit late, like 9.30, but whatever ~

then a gathering started, we had some challenges to complete, so we were strolling in the city like 4-5 hours.
it was reaaally exhausting experience _o_ 
but it was worth it <3
there was 6 Slytherins in our group >me, Miravell, Narcissa, Sylwia, Kot and two other people, i forgot their names ; A ; < and one Ravenclaw >our Luna, she was so pretty, and she acted, no she was Luna ♥ <
all these people were so amazing, and aslkfkdfksjdgkjsdgk
i already miss them ; ^ ;

so, to the photos: 

me in Draco's cosplay :3
funny thing, there wasn't any other Draco, and ANY, siriously, any Harry D:
so excuse me, no Drarry porn :c

my homemade Dark Mark xd"
>inside Starkid joke<

with George ~

L as young Bellatrix ♥
in a robe i sewed for her :3

this is everything for today post n.n
i'll probably have moar photos tomorrow ~
and! we'll have a vlog from there on our youtube channel in few days, so stay tuned for that n.n

thanks for watching, Starkid out ~! ♥

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