wtorek, 28 sierpnia 2012

The Bravest Man I Ever Knew

hai ~ long time no see n.n
i'm sooorry, i was kinda busy with some stuff ; A ;
but i took photos of my outfits, i must go trough this challenge xd

fairy kei for my grandparents' visit

top: H&M
skirt: borrowed from Miravell
tights: offbrand
necklaces: Glitter, C&A, Camaieu
hair accesories: handmade, H&M

buying school stuff, test outfit for new skirt ♥

sweater: H&M
skirt: secondhand
tights: H&M
necklaces: C&A, Camaieu
bag: handmade

you can't see bag on this photo, so here you are n.n
i've finished it :3 what do you think?

also, few days ago Miravell and I were playing with fimo ~
she made these beautful roses for me *^*

i also went shopping today n.n
so much cute clothes ♥

from Cubus, it's actually powder pink >.<
from Cubus too n.n

H&M ~

new mirror ♥

now it all looks good n.n

from CCC, they are sooooo pretty *^*

earphones :3 they are so adorable dsfjksdfkj *-*

they have little hearts on them ♥

so cute <3

and new coat ♥
i am Sherlocked right now sadfjkdsklf *^*

> you can also see my new shoes on this photo ♥ <


and back~! <33

so it's everything for today n.n
i'm sorry for just two outfits, but actually last few days i was sitting almost all days in my pajamas, so i think it's not good idea to post it xd""
well, see you next time :3
Starkid out ♥

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